Pray for One Another

We seek to grow our prayer for one another within the network on a church-wide scale. To accomplish this the network collects a prayer profile from each member church, distributes to all, and then we collectively pray for each church throughout the year as a network of churches.

How to Participate

Please complete one TCTN Member Church Prayer Profile for your church.

Download this month's prayer profile to share with your congregation, and, if possible, pray together particularly on the Concerted Prayer date for that period.

Ultimately, it is your and your elder team’s decision regarding how/when to place this before your congregation, but some suggestions might be to

  • Have a time of prayer during a Sunday service for that month’s TCT churches or

  • Do the same within your small groups or

  • Place the paper prayer profile on a table in your meeting area where your congregation can access it or

  • Within a church publication for the particular TCT Church being prayed for that period of the year.

Concerted Prayer Schedule


  • Jan 27 Bethlehem Baptist Church, Kaleo Church, The Heights Church Tampa, City of Joy Fellowship

  • March 24 Covenant Life Church, Glory of Christ Fellowship Elk River, Legacy Christian Fellowship, Northfield Community Church

  • May 26 Redemption City Church GR, Treasuring Christ Church Raleigh, Christ Redeemer Church, Grace Church Memphis, Christ Fellowship Bowling Green

  • July 21 Treasuring Christ Church Charlotte, Urban Harvest Fellowship, Desiring God Community Church, Jubilee Community Church

  • September 22 Refuge City Church, The Heights Church St.Paul, Redemption City Church Rochester, Sojourners Church


  • Jan 26 Table Rock Church, Cities Church, Restoration Church, Little Earth Fellowship