The accounting firm Hewn Group has offered the following discounted services to TCT Member Churches and Planters. Contact Hewn Group for more information and mention that your church is part of the Treasuring Christ Together Network.

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501(c)(3) Formation

$500 (does not include fees charged by individual state for forming corporation or Internal Revenue Service fees for submitting Form 1023).

For any TCTN church that would like to receive formal 501(c)(3) exemption, Hewn Group will help to form and submit necessary paperwork.


1. Setup of Corporation in state of choice
2. Obtain EIN
3. Preparation and filing of Form 1023

If filing for exemption is not desired, obtaining an EIN and setting up a corporation will only cost $100 plus corresponding state filing fees.

Payroll Services

$60 per month + per direct deposit fee of $1.75 per check

Service is a holistic payroll solution. TCTN church would provide salary, housing payments, and benefits as well as submit hours and reimbursement amounts if applicable; Hewn Group would administrate all other payroll tasks.


1. direct deposit with pay stubs emailed to each employee
2. new hire reporting if required
3. Form 941 quarterly (Federal payroll tax return form)
4. quarterly or monthly state payroll tax return forms
5. quarterly or monthly state tax deposits
6. state annual reconciliation form for payroll tax deposits
7. W-2 sent to each employee via email as well as W-3 to IRS
8. state unemployment quarterly filing if required

Bookkeeping Services

$65 per month

Service is a monthly after-the-fact bookkeeping. This means that Hewn Group would be using bank/credit card statements in conjunction with cash receipts to do the books.


1. restricted funds reporting and allocations
2. budget tracking: Hewn Group would input a church’s yearly/monthly budget and be able to provide monthly statements that show progress against the budget
3. monthly financial statements delivered by 20th of following month that includes
    - statement of activities (this is known as a profit and loss statement in the for-profit world)
    - statement of financial position (this is known as a balance sheet in the for-profit world)
    - functional expenses statement (this report shows expenses in the fundraising, general & administrative, and program
    - updated budget statement

Year End Giving Statements

$200 for Total Giving $0 - $300,000
$300 for Total Giving $300,000 - $400,000
$400 for Total Giving $400,000 - $500,000
Total Giving >$500,000, Service Available Upon Consultation

Service is a once a year preparation of all end-of-year giving statements for all donations. TCTN church will provide giving statement template and Hewn Group will produce giving records for all donations within a calendar year. Giving records will be uploaded onto the cloud to be printed and distributed by TCTN church.

Income Tax Return Preparation

$135 ($15 discount if documents received by March 15th)

Service is the federal and state preparation of income tax returns. Includes cost for e-filing tax returns. Copies of returns will be provided via email. Any employee or minister of a TCTN member church is eligible.

Restrictions: Outside businesses that gross $20,000+ in revenue or require bookkeeping work to file, rental real estate activity, certain types of investing/trading activities, etc. will cause price of preparation to increase. However, as a TCTN church employee/minister, there will be a 15% discount off of normal preparation prices.